Development and validation of analytical methods

Polymex specializes in the development of custom analytical methods for its customers.
In order to meet a growing demand for tailor-made methods, POLYMEX has developed a service dedicated to these services.

Here are some examples of methods that have been developed to meet customer demand:

  • Development of a specific extraction technique,
  • Study of the partition coefficient of different surfactants,
  • Determination of ideal separation parameters and quantification of residual monomers,
  • Determination of the% of impurities by GCMS for a continuous control,
  • ...

Each of these methods has been validated according to the NFT90210 or ICHQ2 standards in order to guarantee the reliability of the analytical results and which meet the main validation criteria: specificity, repeatability, reproducibility, linearity accompanied by the limits of detection (LoD and LoQ).

You also have a method to develop and you want a specialized laboratory to help you in the development or for the improvement of methods?
Contact POLYMEX:

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