The health sector includes a very wide range of professionals.
From the pharmaceutical industry, bringing together research, manufacturing and marketing of drugs to the manufacturing of medical and implantable devices; the quality and reliability of materials is at the heart of the concerns of professionals in the sector.
Faced with ever increasing quality requirements, and in order to validate the conformity of your products according to regulatory and normative standards, you need a reliable, independent laboratory specialized in the field , contact us.

You are a drug manufacturer or a raw material subcontractor for the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturer or supplier of medical devices, you need the skills of a reactive laboratory with high technical added value.

You are looking for a service provider to analyze according to regulatory and normative standards.
Do not hesitate to tell us about your problem.


POLYMEX supports you:

POLYMEX offers you to analyze your materials or equipment (s), whether it is:

  • Search for foreign bodies in pharmaceutical products,
  • Compliance verification and process optimization,
  • Control of cleaning processes,
  • Characterization of materials according to ISO 10993-12 and ISO 10993-18 standards.

We will assist you in solving your problem.

Polymex is an independent laboratory specializing in the provision of services for the Study and Expertise of materials and polymers.
With a know-how of 20 years of experience in the analysis, qualification and deformulation of matrices and polymer systems, POLYMEX offers the following services and services:

Study of leachables - Identification and determination of volatile organic compounds according to ISO 10993-18 (nonionic, 100 <Mw <650..
Stydy of leachable in nasal spray

Stydy of leachable in nasal spray

The manufacture of medical bags is based on layers of films welded by high frequency ultrasound or NWS. These films often consist of..
Identification of pollution in a medical bag

Identification of pollution in a medical bag

The existence of chemical elements, which can be released by the container or the device, during exaggerated testing (= extractables), or on..
Study of extractable and leachable compounds

Study of extractable and leachable compounds