Glues, adhesives, sealants, coatings

Glues, adhesives and other sealants surround us on a daily basis and we find them in different ranges depending on the desired end use:

  • conventional glues that do not require very high performance, for example aqueous vinyl glues (wood glue), acrylics (glue for plastics), neoprene, etc.
  • semi-structural adhesives with high mechanical performance, for example, adhesives and adhesive mortars for tiles, PVC adhesives, phenoplast, etc.
  • high-performance structural adhesives that allow parts or materials to be firmly assembled on all supports (metal, concrete, glass, wood, etc.), for example epoxy (or epoxy), polyurethane, cyanoacrylic, polyimide adhesives, etc.
  • natural glues such as vegetable resins, animal glues, starch derivatives, etc.
  • specific adhesives such as Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA), hot melt adhesives, silicones, etc.

Adhesives can also be classified according to their use:

Colle, adhésif

Physical setting adhesives (No chemical reaction)


Bonding mechanism

Polymeric matrices

Solvent-based glue
Evaporation of the solvent
Vinyls, Polymethyl methacrylate, natural / synthetic rubber ...
Thermoplastic glue
Vinyl acetate / ethylene copolymers, polyamides, polyesters, animal glues ...
Contact glue
Evaporation of the solvent
Polychloroprene, butadiene-nitrile-acrylic, rubber ...
Water-based glue
Evaporation of water
Vinyl acetate / polyacrylate copolymers ...
Other water-based adhesives
Evaporation of water
Glutin, casein, dextrin, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol ...
Self-adhesive glue
Special polyacrylates, polyvinyl ether, Aliphatic Hydrocarbon resin, natural rubber, vegetable resins ...
Sol-gel by heating
PVC ...

You meet needs:

You work in the building and public works sector, aeronautics, electronics, packaging ... and you are looking for a competent and reactive analysis laboratory, specialized in adhesives, contact the POLYMEX laboratory.

Polymex supports you:

POLYMEX offers chemical analyzes on your glues and adhesives, whether it is identifying its nature, deformulating it on a benchmark or competitive product or even quantifying it on a finished product (adjuvant content , in residual solvent…), we will assist you in solving your problem.

Polymex is an independent laboratory specialized in providing services on the Study and Expertise of materials and polymers…

With a know-how of 20 years of experience in the analysis, qualification and deformulation of matrices and polymer systems, POLYMEX offers the following services and services:

Objets à base de bambou
To anticipate the behavior and evolution of a material or a system: it is essential to characterize it, Contact Polymex! Characterize:..
Qualification Materials

Qualification Materials

To anticipate the behavior and evolution of a material or a system: it is essential to characterize it, Contact Polymex! Characterize:..
Failure of materials

Failure of materials

You are a manufacturer, you must ensure the stability of your manufacturing whatever the batch and the time of manufacture, POLYMEX carries..
Quality Control

Quality Control

Research & Development projects: industrial projects or analytical projects. Contact Polymex! You are looking..
R & D support

R & D support